In 8 Planets: Captains of the Solar System you trade, fight, and upgrade your spaceship to rescue millions! Will you be a hero or scoundrel in this 2-4 player, modular space adventure board game?

8 Planets: Captains of the Solar System is an awesome board game which brings together the excitement of player versus player combat and a pickup/delivery space adventure, all with a modular tile layout that adds endless replay ability. The goal of 8 Planets is to earn victory points. This is accomplished by picking up and delivering goods in order to acquire wealth, delivering Earth's refugees to other planets in our solar system, and battling foes. In the game of 8 Planets, there is no risk of being eliminated from the game. However, you must formulate a strategy for success in order to earn the most victory points.


Set in the not-so-distant future, humanity has been able to colonize the planets in our solar system, but the technology to travel beyond the stars has eluded us. Scientists have discovered that Earth has only 6 years left before it becomes uninhabitable, and there is nothing that can be done to save our planet. You are a captain of a space ship that has been summoned to Earth to help start with the evacuation of the planet. You are not the only captain on the horizon looking to make some quick fame escorting earthlings to the other planets. You will have to trade with the planets in order to upgrade your ship so you can fight off each other as well as the Plutonian Space Pirate threat.

The object of "8 Planets" is to earn victory points by rescuing the people of Earth and delivering them to the other planets in our solar system. Players have their own spaceships on which they may carry both refugees and cargo. Cargo is moved from one planet to another and the further the cargo travels, the more credits will be earned for delivering the cargo to the other planets. Players have the ability to upgrade their engines, expand their cargo space, and obtain more powerful weapons by using credits earned. Powerful engines allow players to travel a greater distance between planets, and they also affect turn order. Your cargo hold is small at first, but when you upgrade, you can hold greater amounts of cargo and refugees. Weapon strength helps you to defeat the Plutonian Space Pirates, who hide in the Main Asteroid Belt and Kuiper Belt. Strong weapons also help players defeat each other when they are engaged in player versus player combat.

Players earn victory points both by delivering people to other planets and by defeating other players in player versus player combat. Players who are brave enough to travel to the Main Asteroid Belt or Kuiper Belt may earn rewards, but you will have to defeat the Plutonian Space Pirates first!

When play begins, Earth has six years left before it will become uninhabitable. There are four rounds (seasons) of play in each year, preceded by the action of revealing one event card. Event cards affect each year of play by changing certain elements of the game. For example, an Galactic Event card may ban player versus player combat on any given planet for one year, or may cause cargo deliveries to be worth less or more than usual.

Will you take the role of a reputable space trader, a sinister space pirate, or even a famous humanitarian who lives to save millions of lives? Earth needs your help!


8 Planets: Captains of the Solar System Kickstarter is now live!

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